Students Learning to Listen Improve Communication With Disabled People

Students Learning to Listen Improve Communication With Disabled People
  • Disabled people feel as if they are treated as part of the medical system rather than as an individual.
  • Poor communication between disabled people and their caretakers is a major fail in health and social care.
  • Lack of communication does not make disabled people determined to get better and it hurts their feelings.
  • Patients are looking for a personal relationship with their doctors and want the doctors to value their conditions instead of seeing them as a burden.
  • Study required medical students to sit down with patients and have one-on-one conversations learning about the patient's personal life and experiences.

The study included 290 medical students and patients that were separated into 5 different groups. The groups were as follows: users and carers involved in teaching, users and carers participating in one-on-one interviews, students who participated in the teaching workshops, students who took part in focus groups, and students who completed free text comments in questionnaires.

NCAA athletes speak out against corruption and injustice within the organization

Ben Simmons a rookie point guard for the Philadelphia 76ers did an interview speaking out against the NCAA In the interview, he addressed the exploitation of players and the blatant disregard for their well being Ben Simmons called for immediate changes to be made, likely won't happen as NCAA holds too much power.

Trust or Lack of trust based on social class

Anthony Cowan
Story Highlights:
  • The minority of social classes tend to not trust police because of what has happened throughout history. There have been a lot of instances where police has outlasted on people based on there skin color.
  • There have been too many instance where police have treated people unequal. Especially the African American race, so this study is important to see why this is.
  • Everyone is created equal and everyone should be able to feel safe when they encounter police, police are supposed to help citizens not hurt them.
Trust is something very important, if you do not have trust then relationships are broken. Peoples trust in police should always be there because those are the people you should call when your in danger. But if you talk to some minorities, they could be some of the last people they call because they feel won't be helped equally. This is a problem in this country because what has been happening with police brutality, espcially to African Americans.

Some of the more notable instances that have occurred are Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin, these are only two African American young men who were killed by police because of their skin color. When people see this, specifically African Americans they would have no reason to trust in police because they see this could happen to them also.
This study is very important because there are too many people dying from police brutality. The minority shouldn't have to be afraid of all the criminals in the world, then don't feel comfortable with calling the police because they are afraid of them to. It is not fair for the minority to live in a world where they aren't treated and do not get the same benefits as the majority. When all people are treated equal then the world will become a better place.
 In society today, racism plays a big role unfortunately. Even though people have fought so hard and even died to try to end racism, it is still in effect. The police are the ones that are supposed to enforce the law and make sure everyone is safe. But when they are the issues and they are the one being violent, it is a real on going problem for our country. This leaves the minority without any protection because they do not know who to count on of they are ever in danger. 

Study Finds Eating Meat and Dairy Makes You More Likely to Die

  • Participants consuming the most protein were much more likely to die from diabetes and cancer
  • Animal protein was responsible for the increased risk of dying, not plant protein or fat
  • Mice with breast or skin cancer developed fewer and smaller tumors on a lower-protein diet
  • Lower protein consumption, mostly from plant sources, is recommended for optimal health and longevity
A 2014 study in the journal Cell Metabolism found that those who consumed the most protein had a 75% greater chance of dying than those consuming the least, almost completely due to animal protein. Furthermore, the high-protein participants were 73 times more likely to develop and die from diabetes and over four times more likely to die from cancer than low-protein participants.

Health apps such as Fitbit have been shown to increase fitness and body image

  • Comparing the impact of apps such as Fitbit across genders to understand the motivations behind using health and fitness apps
  • Users originally purchased the Fitbit for overall health maintenance.  However, one study found that most participants purchased the device with an underlying motivation to change their body in some way.
  • In one study, Fitbit had overall improved the participants' body satisfaction as they felt better about themselves.

Questionnaire that measures and compares cyber-victimization and cyber-aggression across countries developed

Story Highlights:

  • Study confirmes the universal nature of cyber-bullying through the use of newly developed tool called the European Cyberbullying Intervention Project Questionnaire (ECIPQ). 
  • The study compared cyber-bullying in Latin America, where cyber-bullying is rarely studied, to occurrences in Spain.
  • The ECIPQ has already been used to develop cyber-bullying prevention programs such as the ConRed CyberBullying Prevention Program and evaluate its success in reducing cyber-bullying factors.

The study conducted by Herrera-Lopez et al. compared behaviors associated with cyber-bullying in adolescents of Colombia to those of Spain to: 1) increase the availability of a universal instrument to measure both cyber-victimization and cyber-aggression in a Latin America; and 2) compare the prevalence of cyber-bullying and its factors in Colombia and Spain.

Internet use and intentions could help define ones self-identity and relationships.

Story Highlights:

  • Relationships online are mostly platonic and face to face interactions prove to be higher compared to online relationships.
  • Users with a lower level of self-identity, typically spend more time online and are lonelier
  • Internet use is associated with moratorium identity status: a stage where adolescents are ready to make commitments but are hesitant.

    A recent study wanted to explore the effects of the internet on the psyche and social impact on the users who frequent it. These individuals are classified under PIU which stand for, pathological internet use. Those with PIU were shown to be more vulnerable and were categorized to visit more adult sites, emotional help, and spend more time with like-minded individuals; a theory was tested that individuals would actually be less lonely if they used the internet. However, they would show a dependency and show PIU symptoms instead. For those in poor living conditions and rural locations, the internet may serve as an outlet to escape their lifestyle and cling on to virtual communities.

    The study that was conducted was a group of 203 people. with the majority of the participants being female. and Caucasian. Participants were asked to come into a room to complete several questionnaires. The test measured motives for using the internet. Those types of motives were defined as communication, entertainment, and informational. The models that were used to access the web. Results showed an overall relationship of negative effects between PIU symptoms and time spent online. The users who had gone online for the sole purpose of communication were more likely to experience loneliness, while those who ventured for entertainment and information spent time online for longer periods. The study generalized individuals who sought for communication were seen to substitute actual relationships for one online.
  • The Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in U.S. Navy Healthcare Personnel Differs Between Genders

    Story Highlights:

    • Women had significantly higher odds of screening positive for PTSD than did men 
    • The results were adjusted for combat exposure, previous psychiatric history, and demographics 
    • Women occupy an increased number of roles in the military and have higher rates of post-trauma emotional stress

    Increase in written alerts on highly active and popular Twitter pro-anorexia accounts should be used to address pathological behaviors resulting from their use.

    Story Highlights:

    • Out of the identified 341 Twitter pro-anorexia profiles, only 20 accounts (6%) included a warning message
    • 94.7% self-identified as females with an age range of 12-28
    • Around 21% of users indicated in their biography to having at least one disorder or disease, especially depression and self-harm attitudes
    Over the last year, the number of anorexia diagnosis increased significantly among adolescence. This is the same age group that makes up majority of Twitter users and other online communities. The analysis done by the study showed that the prevalent themes on Twitter coincided with those found on "proana" Web sites. 
    Almost all users shared their personal information and eating disorder-related experiences. In the users' status description, 52.1% of the postings focused on self-harm while 50.7% mentioned depression.  

    While the Twitter accounts were being observed 37 profiles, changed their visibility to private. Though effectiveness of warning messages is possible, accounts without such messages exhibit a greater follower base. 

    Exergames found to have correlation with increased vigor and physcee

    Story Highlights:

    • Exergames were found to have correlation to increase mood throughout the day after playing because the exercising relieves stress and the game works out your minds as well
    • Exergames are defined as: The activity of playing video games that involve physical exertion and are thought as a form of exercise
    • The study was conducted with students and staff from a northern Taiwan university

    Degree of Athletic Identity in Division I College Athletes is Inversely Related to Career Maturity

    • Researchers examined career maturity in college athletes in relation to their athletic identity 
    • Female athletes scored higher on the measure of career maturity than male athletes
    • Caucasian student-athletes believed significantly less than African American athletes that they would be able to finally support themselves as professional athletes  
    • Study has implications for professionals working with student athletes on career development

    Age, Self Monitoring, and Lack of Perseverance found to be factors influencing risky cybersecurity behavior

    Story Highlights:

    • Individuals engage in risky password practices, such as sharing passwords, because they believe that they are invincible to the occurrence of any negative events associated with risky behavior. 
    • Results found that out of nearly 500 participants, around 51% had shared their password before. 
    • Younger people, in addition to those that scored a high lack of perseverance and high self monitoring, were more likely to share passwords as opposed to their older, lower scoring counterparts. 
    • Creators of public awareness campaigns and other cybersecurity protection programs can use this information to know which types of individuals to target and what to say to get their message across. 

    Invasive Pythons Causing Massive Mammal Die-off In South Florida

    Invasive Pythons Causing Massive Mammal Die-off In South Florida

    Story Highlights

    - Burmese pythons are devastating rare mammal populations in the Everglades.

    -These pythons originate from Asia and are the results of released pets.

    -Scientists are having virtually no success curbing the growing python population. 

    Figure I. Red triangles show Burmese python sightings, 2008-2009. Purple is original population sighting in the 1990s. Source:

    Figure 2: The exponential population increase of the pythons, 1995-2010, within the Everglades, demonstrated by how many were captured. 

    Using Your Phone After During Sleep Might Cause Depression

    Story Highlights:

    • Waking up to answer text messages or phone calls negatively affects sleep quality.
    • Poor sleep quality is closely associated with  depression.
    • 47% of college students wake-up at night to use their phone.

    Women’s Low Belief in Ability to Succeed May Result in Them Being More Vulnerable to Cybersecurity Threats

    • The different levels of self-reporting suggested that men and women behaved differently
    • Women self reported lower levels of computer skills, prior experience with computer security, and ability to detect potentially dangerous cyber behavior such as phishing scams than men
    • To defend against ever-increasing cyber threats, organizations need to develop an effective way to improve employees’ cybersecurity behavior