Analysis of Tweet By Lauren19

Lauren's tweet, "Balanced coverage of Boston Marathon’s bombing, suspects friend who lied during the FBI investigation due to drug use," is a very explanatory tweet. It gives the reader descriptive information and includes the main details that were included in the article. I agree with Lauren when she says that this article included balanced coverage. Throughout the article, “Bombing suspect’s friend convicted of lying to FBI” by Denise Lavoie, the words used were fair and covered the most important parts of the story. The story consisted of no bias and included information from both sides. Fore the most part, the article followed the Inverted (bottom to top) pyramid, by putting the most important and detailed information at the top and the background information towards the end.

Although, the Boston Marathon happened in 2013, this is still considered an event that happened recently. This is also new information that has just been found out about the bombing. Since this is the case, I consider this relevant news. Others may not agree with me just for the fact that it has happened at least a year ago and some people may have forgotten about it. But for the people who were directly affected by this event, this is current information that they would like to stay updated on. This situation also brings up the question, “have others lied during an investigation due to drug use”?

Analysis of Tweet by Pat25

"Unbalanced coverage of republicans predictions for victory of representing the house "
I think this coverage is unbalanced but if you dissect the article you can pull out key points and information that support 
Fox's claim. I decided to pull out a visual from the Washington Post to help better explain what the article is trying unveil.  This article is definitely newsworthy due to its timeliness with the upcoming elections.

Republicans and Democrats don't have a positive campaign for voters, however the Democrats are at a disadvantage because of the "presidential drag." The negative energy towards Obama is a powerful force across the whole nation and Republicans have a "99 percent chance" of keeping their majority in the House and will likely gain eight new seats which would bring their majority up to 242. 
This map shows the predicted House elections in 2014 from the Washington Post.

This table from The Rothenburg Political Report show how many seats are solidified in the house. It also shows that 28 seats are available for grabs on the democratic sides while only 14 seats are available on the Republican side. Lastly the table shows what seats could either be Republican or Democratic.

Republicans are pushing to create a 245-seat majority, which hasn't been seen since the Truman administration. According to The Rothenburg Political Report democrats need to gain 17 new House seats to win back the majority but lately it has been predicted that Republicans will pick up 8-10 House seats. Unbalanced coverage of republicans predictions for victory of representing the house.


Through a tweet, Sarah slams a Fox News article on "Climate Change: The Musical" as unbalanced. I completely agree with her reasoning. Chiaramonte, the article's author, presents only his one-sided view of the facts. He mentions the goals of the musical, but never speaks to the extent they were accomplished--he only says that they were not achieved. Through the presentation of incomplete facts and half-truths, he paints a construed portrait of a failing and meaningless project. This was not the case. He never concedes that the musical made an impact and only speaks about its failure in quality and timing.
Chiaramonte assumes the play was a failure and claims that it
did not inform its audience of the dangers of climate change

While the musical failed, it presented a message to an audience that may not have been fully aware of climate change. One review by New York Times writer Charles Isherwood, ignored by Chiaramonte, says that the musical presents issues that "plant a black seed of knowledge about our imperiled planet." While the review is negative regarding the performance and writing of the musical, it recognizes the musical's goals and conveys that the presentation of the issues made a difference.

Chiaramonte only took from the negative portions of reviews. While many critiques slam both the company for its performance and the directors for its writing, they praise the musical for its message. In a balanced article, the journalist must respect that fact. Although the musical failed in its deadline and quality, it had an impact. However, Chiaramonte does not concede this. He does not delve into the 5% of the intended audience to whom the musical impacted. To those who created the musical, as long as they taught 5% of their audience about the dangerous effects of climate change and how to help prevent global warming, then they have succeeded.

Analysis of Tweet by Brad31

This story about Snooki and her baby that Brad tweeted about is newsworthy, albeit not very interesting or useful. The story was posted on Yahoo! Celebrity, so the source was not would not be somewhere a consumer would browse looking for world news, and is not surprising for this story. While most people would probably think that this story is not really news, I don't think I agree with that statement.

While the story isn't describing the newest information about ISIS or Ebola, this doesn't mean that it isn't news. This particular story is about the first public photograph of Snooki and her newly born child. News is defined as information "about an event that affects the public in some way, or at least has some element of public interest." While this photograph and story has close to no effect of society, that does not automatically mean that it is not of public interest. There are many people who are Snooki fans from her TV shows and other endeavors. 

Celebrity news is news whether it is important in life or not. So although definitely not important in everyday life, or in most people's lives at all, Snooki and her baby clearly have a big enough following for a site like Yahoo! to post a story about her. Therefore, this story falls under the category of public interest and should be considered news.

Analysis of Tweet by Eric33

The article titled "Ebola crisis: Team Obama takes politically correct approach, ignores science" is a perfect example of unbalanced  coverage. The bias in the article is apparent before even reading the body, as the title itself is an opinion geared towards one distinct view. The author, McCaughey, makes the claim himself that the Obama administration is "ignoring science," rather than getting a statement like this from a professional. 

Once the reader heads into the body paragraphs, there is an obvious lack of objectivity in the article. While he introduces the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's new Ebola policy that was announced by Frieden, McCaughey almost immediately frames the rest of his article around his own opinion. He writes "Sorry. The Obama administration's half-way approach is based on political correctness. It ignores science." McCaughey directly contradicts the idea behind the policy of being led by science, which guides the rest of the article.

While McCaughey may pose this as a news article, it's more of an argumentative essay. He positions the Obama administration's policies as wrong, without presenting both sides equally (those favoring the policy and those not).  He ignores other opinions and fails to get feedback from these health care workers/CDC employees on their opinion of not isolating the workers. The only "evidence" he uses to support his one-sided opinion are what he believes the "science" is, bolstering the list with statistics of Ebola transmission that are not a direct effect of this policy.

In my opinion, there are benefits and negatives to this policy and McCaughey only provides us with the negatives, which are the risks of spreading the disease. He doesn't acknowledge the moral benefits given to these workers who are treated as pariahs when isolated for the disease they may not have. McCaughey views science as the only right answer, which narrowly frames the entire article, making this an example of unbalanced, biased "reporting." 

Analysis of Tweet by Hannah32

Any bias or preference aside, CNN is considered by many to be a trustworthy source of breaking news. So it might seem strange that the site featured a story about the breakup of 'Bachelor' couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. Reality TV probably doesn't resonate with many people as "breaking news," but in this case I can understand why CNN found the split newsworthy. 

As Galavis' season drew to a close, his popularity substantially declined. He's infamous for refusing to tell Ferrell, the women he chose to win the season (but did not propose to) that he loved her, only that he "liked" her. The show had a large viewership and made headlines with its unconventional end to the season, so by definition, there is an audience that would find this breakup to be an important piece of news. I do agree though that this story is not something that would have a significant impact on the day-to-day, personal lives of readers. I think that the story could have taken a more “newsworthy” approach if it was framed around the idea that ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ is meant to help young, attractive singles find love, when in reality, not many couples on the show have long-lasting relationships. If the story was about the dating competition’s failure to create lasting love and why, then perhaps the story would have been more than just another celebrity entertainment piece about the latest Hollywood breakup.


I disagree that the story Dymond tweeted is unbalanced. The article, which was published by the Washington Post, is balanced because the article presents all sides of the story equally. The focus of the story is the victim's family and children and repercussions they will all face. The author explains how Caleb Crew changed his story from not guilty to guilty, offers an explanation for why he committed the crime and states his sentence.
Source: Washington Post

What makes this story unbalanced? The author provides information about both the victim and the perpetrator, who happen to be a husband and a wife. The story covers their volatile history and even explains how Andrea Crew had recently dropped domestic abuse charges against her husband, not long before he killed her. The timeline of events is clear. Images of Crew's attorney's reactions at court are engrained in the audience's brain. The article ends with a future-action kicker explaining the effect this incident will have on their couple's children.

Whats the News?
The article has the news qualities of human interest and proximity. Firstly, murder almost always includes human interest. We see this from the comments section below the article. People share the reactions to the article; these reactions include relating to the perpetrator's "temper" and sympathizing with the victim and her family. The story has proximity because the crime was committed in Fairfax, Virginia. Crew's sentencing is scheduled to be held on January 9 in Fairfax, Virginia.

Try Tweeting Something Less Newsy
While the story Dymond posted would be classified as hard news, here's an example of a feature news story. This story does not have any real news qualities, except that it is unique to a specific audience niche. This article tells a story of two collaborators who met on an "artistic blind date." The article goes on to list details about their shows. The tweet Dymond could write about this article could be something along the lines of "@aaronposner and @lauraeason may have met in college and are receiving recognition for their artistic masterpieces."

Analysis of Tweet by Rachel21

I felt that the article, Man Told To Remove His NRA Instructor Hat While Voting, tweeted by Rachel21 was not a very balanced story. Yes, the author of the article talked to those on both sides of the issue - the man told to remove NRA hat and the election official of the county who asked him to do so - but he/she did not present both sides fairly.

To start, the author conducted a far more rigorous examination of the election official's position without doing any fact checking him/herself. The author never states whether state courts did in fact forbid voters from wearing NRA merchandise. He/she only mentions that the election official couldn't name any case, making her seem incompetent. Perhaps she is incompetent, but the author should have done the work to verify it. There was no similar cross-examination of the man who was told to remove his hat; no questioning of his political affiliations, the accuracy of his claims, or any comparable issue that may bring into question his own competency.

The second issue I had is that the article comes from a biased source. While posted on Yahoo News, the article's original source is The Daily Caller, a conservative publication. With this in mind, it is easy to see that the author intended to frame the situation negatively, as conservatives tend to be more pro-gun and more pro-NRA.

In summation, the author tries to present the article as balanced by speaking to those on both sides of the issue. However, the rigor at which each side was examined was clearly unfair, especially when factoring in the bias of the publication.


The article, "Fox News Poll: Race for Congress tightens, confidence in Obama low" discusses statistics of Republican, Democratic, and independent voters on issues of who currently supports Obama, support for Congress members, and federal policy issues such as the economy, unemployment, and homeland security.
The beginning of the article is about declining support for Obama. The statistics in the article include: percent that lack confidence in Obama, percent that say they are losing confidence, and percent that say they never had confidence in Obama. There is more of a focus on Obama's reviews going down and no information on any supporters he may be gaining or that he may have had from the start. The statistics show an unbalanced coverage of data of the public opinion of Obama. The following sections of the article are similar in their coverage. In discussing congressional voting and policy issues, the article is swayed to show an overwhelming disapproval from voters for the Democratic party and more support for the Republican party.
In addition, the article is structurally unbalanced. Some paragraphs are only one sentence, of a statistic. And the overflow of data from all the statistics used in the article is confusing for any reader. There is not much flow when some parts of the article are just one statistic after another. Also, at one point the article moves from full sentences to listing poll results on the attitudes of voters.
Overall, from the structure to the content, this article is an example of an unbalanced news story. From biased coverage and structure that is hard to follow, the article is unbalanced to a reader looking for information on public opinion of the government.

Analysis of Tweet by Kabrea27

The article "Wi-Fi hot spot named after terror group delays LAX flight" in my opinion was balanced written article. In this article the first thing talked about was that an international flight out of LAX was delayed because a passenger on the plane was trying to connect to the plane's Wi-Fi when he noticed that one of the other options for Wi-Fi was named "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork." 

When the passenger noticed this he alerted the crew of the flight and the flight was delayed for three hours while they checked the plane. After the crew found nothing they were cleared for take off, but because of what had happened with the Wi-Fi name, the crew did not want to fly that Sunday and the flight was pushed back a day. I think that this was a well balanced article because the author didn't have any bias towards the terror group and just focused on what they had to write about. 


Examining the news article on how, NFL team, the Washington Redskins need to change their name. I must say I am a tad bit uncertain about this article. I had some trouble deciding on if this was actually an unbalanced news article or if it was balanced. After reading through it and analyzing it, I do agree with (Steph23) that it is unbalanced. I can understand if the article had examples supporting the main cause of the article, but I also felt it got off topic at times. The examples were understandable but too much in my opinion. With this, the coverage was sort of spread out. There were not just two legit sides to the story. Since the author decided to use many examples, he should have at least kept it with professional sports. He even went into slight detail about how Native American people may feel offended by the name and the logo. The author even told us to Google the “Indian Removal Act of 1830” and the “Trail of Tears.” In my opinion this has nothing to do with why the Redskins should change their name and logo as if the history of Native Americans will be erased. An article that should be about an NFL team, spoke too much on college football as well. The article stated how since 2005, the NCAA banned Native American nicknames. Florida State was the only school that got an exemption, but Florida State’s college football team has nothing to do with the Washington Redskins. All in all, I feel that the many different opinions thrown into this article makes it an unbalanced news story.  It’s like the article will have you thinking about one thing, but the next paragraph or two afterwards will be about something else.

Analysis of Tweet By Eric33

         The article, “Team Obama takes politically correct approach, ignores science” shows bias, unbalance with a hint of balance writing. First, the Fox News reporter’s main argument is based on the issue that Obama and Friedman try to be politically correct when it comes to the isolation of potential Ebola victims. This idea represents the unbalanced nature of this article. The reporter, Betsy McCaughey, only discusses how “team Obama,” thinks that victims would be stigmatized if isolated. They don’t take into consideration the dangerous consequences of contracting Ebola. McCaughey emphasizes that ‘team Obama” isn’t taking the necessary precautions to keep the virus from spreading. McCaughey then continues her argument by providing her audience with facts about Ebola. She makes four scientific statements about the virus to make a point that Ebola can be caught and easily spread. For example, one scientific statement she makes is that “one in seven people don’t have a fever before diagnosis.” This means that if a doctor who was helping Ebola infected patients in West Africa travels back to the US, that doctor can spread the virus if not quarantined for 21 days. But because Friedman decided to monitor doctors who come back from West Africa instead of quarantining them, the chance of others getting the virus is increased
           Overall, the article is written in a biased manner but shows a glimpse of balanced journalism. In the previous paragraph I discussed that the article was written in an unbalanced manner because it emphasized what “team Obama” was doing wrong. On the other hand, the story shows balance when Friedman is quoted about his Ebola regulation policies. If the story were entirely unbalanced then Friedman’s thoughts would be unreported. Therefore, this article leans more towards being a piece of unbalanced journalism. 

Analysis of Tweet by Micha28

Examining the news article of President Obama regarding the issue of the spead of Ebola in the United States is very well balanced. Balance in news means to present both sides of the issue equally. The issues presented in this news story were whether to try to get to the issue of Ebola by going to the source, or by laying low by not sending help. President Obama puts good emphasis on the fact that protecting Americans is his number one priority. He states that he thinks the best way to protect American citizens is by going to the source to stop the disease. Other people think that we are endangering America by sending our doctors over to West Africa, where the disease is, in order to help stop the outbreak. People are concerned that when the doctors return to America then they will bring the virus back over with them.

The author of this article did a very good job of being balanced and stating facts of the issues instead of being bias. He did not lean more one direction than the other, rather staying mutual throughout the article. He presented the opinions of each of the sides and effectively explained in detail the reasons behind each idea, and how they could be solved. Although I think the content is enough to be balanced, I think that he could of made it more balanced by putting a section about the governors of New York opinion on the matter. He still supported the opinion of both sides equally which made it balanced.

Analysis of Tweet by: Alyssa29

Finding balanced news now a days is a fairly difficult task to do, with the many opinions swirling around tainting balanced news with bias. However when I read the article about the "3 Denver girls played hooky from school and tried to join ISIS", I was taken aback because this story was presented in the most balanced way. At first I thought it was biased and unbalanced because it was only presenting the parents side of the story and not the three girls side of the story. However as you keep reading we start to get a more balanced view of the story because it describes why the girls would be interested in leaving the country and becoming Isis activists. Overall I thought this was a balanced presentation of news, because it fairly stated the parent’s point of view on the events that happened as well as why the girls would attempt this escape. I thought another reason why this was a balanced presentation of news because it had many experts weigh in on this topic making the information they presented balanced. I also thought what was very useful in this article being balanced was the section in the article about how ISIS targets people in the “west” or North America. This helped in making it balanced because it helped the general population, who would be in North America, reading this article understand why the girls would run away. By using the parents account of what happened with the girls running away as well as supporting it with information of why they would want to do such an act, makes this article an example of balanced news.

Analysis of Tweet by Alyssa18

Looking at the article regarding House Speaker John Boehner, I feel that the coverage is fairly balanced. Although the main focus of the article is on the words of Boehner, a Republican, the article still points out flaws in his points, specifically regarding George W. Bush. Boehner claims that Putin would never have invaded Crimea if Bush was still President, accusing the Obama administration of having weak leadership. However, the article points out that in 2008 Russia invaded another country during Bush’s presidency. Putin ordered the invasion of another former member of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Georgia. The author of the article goes in even further in stating that Bush was criticized for not responding more forcefully. Balance requires that both sides in the article are presented equally. If this article wanted to take a side, it may have omitted the section regarding the flaws in Boehner’s statements; however, it did not. Rather, the author made it a point to make it very clear to readers that there were issues with what Boehner said. However, I do agree that the article could be even more balanced if the author included a section regarding a rebuttal from the Democratic side regarding these statements by Boehner rather than just focusing on his words. However, the revealing of the flaws in his words still suffices to make this article balanced.

Analysis Of Tweet By Julia 51

In today's society, interactivity with technology is creating a faster, and more personalized way to be used.  Google Maps is an excellent example of interactivity though technology.

 In the Google Map Tour video, Google Maps uses the Redundancy Principle to explain the new features that were added.  It uses a multimedia presentation with narrations and animations and goes through the process and examples of using Google Maps. The video explains how personalization can be used by being logged into your Google account.  Users can "search, star places, and publish reviews" and will get more recommendations to places Google Maps thinks would interest them.
 Another principle that Google Maps uses is the Personalization Effect.  The narration that is recorded for the audience to hear is a step by step conversational style tutorial.  Google Map users can use  different features such as "street view", or "photo view" to zoom in see the street or pictures of the location that has been submitted to Google.  Another feature that has been added is "earth view." This allows users to "bring the 3D experience from Google Earth to Google Maps."  With a video tutorial, the narrator explains how to use the new features and views that have been installed into Google Maps. 
Along with Google Maps, there are apps that use interactivity.  The Android app Skyvi uses  voice activation to help find nearby places of interest for the mobile user.  App users can give a voice command into their android phone asking where find a certain place of interest and Skyvi will give a "voice guided, turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps.  Skyvi users can also update their social networking statuses by using the voice activation.

Analysis Of Interactive Content tweeted By Info_Michael44

After looking at his one tweet about Machester United it was a very interactive content because in the article there were pictures,  comments, other news feed links provided and also two video links  showing player interviews.

In the article it talks about how Manchester United soccer team has more homegrown players than places such as Arsenal , Chelsea , Manchester City and Liver Pool . Also in the article, it names the top British players that play with Manchester and also it has video interviews with players that are signing with Manchester United or just doing and question and answer for fans . Since this is such a interactive content viewers and readers can do more than they can do just by looking at a news paper , they can look a videos , comment their opinion and even look at pictures. Also this link allows you to retweet this article and post it on Facebook and other blog posts . One negative aspect of this article is that readers and viewers might get overwhelmed with advertisements.


The Architect Virtual Capitol website provides a virtual map constructed with layers of information about Washington D.C’s monumental landmarks

This website is used as a detailed virtual map of the main landmarks and establishments of Washington D.C.  Within the website users are able to navigate the locations of Capitol Grounds, Botanic Gardens, Library of Congress Buildings, etc. When choosing a tab to discover, all the learner/user needs to do is decide what information they wish to uncover and the website will virtually take them to a new page with information of floor plans, location, and history of each building or location.  Each tab of information is scattered and organized so the user does not become overloaded with cognitive information.

Through animation, narration, and links, this website proves to be an excellent example interactivity content.
Two principles that are revealed within The Architect Virtual Capitol website are the coherence principle and the redundancy principle. The animation of this website is structured so that when the user would graze their curser over an animation immediately an narration of text would appear to deceiver the graphic.

This website is also an example of a whole partial presentation. Whole partial presentation allows users to have complete control over the multimedia presentation. Interactivity stresses on the importance of reducing cognitive overload. Through the websites whole partial presentation,users are able to take all the time they need to build their understanding and coordinate with the narration explanation.