If men could menstruate: Gloria Steinem feminist game changer.

Controversial articles on contraception, being a playboy bunny, and abortion

Gloria Steinem gained her rise to prominence in the sixties and seventies as a journalist promoting the women's liberation movement. Her first big article was based on contraception and how women were forced to choose between careers and families. She went on to cover very controversial topics such as abortion, and received positive as well as incredibly negative feedback, including threats on her life.

 She has written extensively about feminism, the feminist movement, and women's rights and inequalities.

Including several books, my personal favorite
"Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions"(1983), is a collection of her essays ranging from becoming a playboy bunny to her hilarious take on if men menstruated how the world would work. She continues to write and occasionally serves as an editor at Ms. Magazine which she co-founded in 1972. Her work continues to confront the inequalities women face on a daily basis.


Karishma Patel said...

What’s interesting about Gloria Steinem is that she not only focuses on feminism in America, but in international countries as well. Recently, in April of this year, Gloria Steinem took a trip to India to discuss and promote a feminist approach to human sex trafficking. On her trip there, she spent her time learning about the daily life of girls in the state of Bihar. There she learned that young girls, in order to support their family, are essentially forced give up education and take part in the selling of their bodies with a constant risk of being beaten if they refuse. Steinem noticed that despite the violence and fear, the strength of the girls is still strong. The girls of the community fight together and still have hopes and dreams for a brighter future such as becoming social workers or lawyers to fight get rid of injustice. Steinem’s outreach to lesser developed communities is quite an accomplishment too.

Isaac Ruiz said...

Gloria Steinem is a well known activist and a very important figure of the second wave of feminism. Although she was a playboy "bunnie", she highly criticized this industry because it was just another form of servitude for the male population, on top of being largely underpaid at its time. Her legacy will not be remembered by the work she did with playboy in her earlier part of her life, but rather for her non stop work to empower women with her journalistic contribution as an editor and political columnist for the "New York Magazine", and being a co-founder of the National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC).