Both CNET and The Hindu Business Line report about nationwide governments increasing requests for google user data.

CNET and The Hindu Business Line reported that requests to Google from multiple governments  for information on users has doubled in the last three years. Google reported this information Thursday, along with graphs and visuals. The graphs below show the increase in requests from each nation; there was some information Google could not reveal to the public, hence the blacked out lines: A look at Google's requests over the years.

This story has only been reported by a few news outlets, CNET and The Hindu Business Line being a two of them. However, there were some very large differences between the reports of these two news outlets. In the CNET article, there is a lot more detail and information; whereas in The Hindu Business Line, there is only about 90 words which describe Google's report. CNET also emphasizes the data of the United States government, compared to The Hindu Business Line which does not emphasize the united states at all. The Hindu Business Line was probably trying to report the information with a very broad and unbiased standpoint without emphasizing any specific nation (even itself). The news outlet CNET however, only emphasizes the United States government throughout its article; the reason for this might be to stir American readers. Ever since the NASA and Snow incident, Americans' trust in the US government has been shaky. Another article that reiterates the  distrust between the people and the US government is something that CNET aimed for.

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