Digital media needs to be refocused to make "Digital Natives" more productive

In the video titled Are They as Savvy as They Seem? Mark Bauerlein argues that "Digital Natives", or those who grew up and rely on digital media daily, are not using technology as effectively and efficiently as they could be.  I certainly agree with Bauerlein that technology and digital media have created a tremendous outlet for procrastination and consume our daily lives with social networking rather than helping us be more productive.  I believe that until we find a way to maximize our time on the internet, there will always be countless distractions from our work that inhibit us from using our time efficiently.  One of Bauerlein's leading examples is that high school students spend on average 9 hours per week on social networking, but less that 1 hour studying and doing homework.  I know this problem to be true as it is much easier to spend a few hours on Facebook that it is to write a paper or study.
This graphic shows how most people spend their time online and simply demonstrates the fact that most people don't spend their time usefully on the internet.

I think that a market for computers that block social networks and unproductive tasks will be an important one as we move forward in this age of elevated digital media.

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