Digital Natives around the world are beginning to find music the new silence that evokes concentration, motivation and increased focus. .

In the frontline video Music is Silence, Marc Prensky talks about how silence is now being replaced with music during studying time for our youth. I find myself being a victim because I am digital native and have grown up in a world surrounded by music. When studying, I always find myself listening to some sort of music which I find helps me concentrate and focus better.

When Marc Prensky talks about the beta and theta waves, he is referring to human brain waves. Each of the 5 brain waves which include delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves, each have their own frequencies. Each of these frequencies link to different states of the mind and can influence one's emotions. The two types mentioned in the video are beta and theta waves. Beta waves occur when you are awake and alert and can lead to high levels of concentration, motivation, energy and focus. On the other hand, theta waves lead to increased self awareness, creation and learning. Both of these waves are the waves one should listen to when playing music while studying and are used to describe the use of music when studying. 

Not everyone uses music while studying, and those who do are mainly digital natives. These natives are mostly found in the younger generations due to the amount of music and noise they are surrounded by. The meaning silence and noise of older generations is now being switched within the younger generations. But, as these generations get older, and more people are grown up in a world of music, the future of music and studying could have a lot coming. In a matter of years, what we know as relaxing silence could change to only relaxing music, and silence could be looked at unwanted noise.

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