In The Washington Post and Colombia Reports, both newspapers report on Justin Bieber's graffiti on a wall in Colombia causing a wave of graffiti protests throughout the country.

In The Washington Post and in Colombia Reports, both newspapers report on how Justin Bieber's spray painting of a wall in Bogota, Colombia has sparked a new movement of Colombian graffiti protests. Both articles essentially report on the same story about how Bieber has caused hundreds of graffiti artists to come together and spray paint multiple properties. The artists believe that since Bieber wasn't penalized for his actions, they should be allowed to spray paint and not be sent to jail, which is Colombia's current law on graffiti. Moreover, both articles frame their articles in a way that makes the protestors look rebellious, however both articles do a good job of maintaining fairness and balance as they report on both sides of the story and the sides are presented equally. Although both articles describe the same story, Colombia Reports has a much more detailed story than the Washington Post. For example, Colombia Reports has a more in depth story, giving exact locations and even explaining how these Colombian artists are called “tomas grafiteras,” or graffiti takeovers. I like the Colombia Reports story more because it is very specific compared to the Washington Post's story, which is somewhat general and brief. 

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