IPhone use in US and South Korea

In the article Chinese Firms catch Up in Smartphone Market explains to us how the domestic markets in Japan and Korea are using their smartphones before the public. This article is saying that Apple and Samsung are considered the same in the buying market. It says “But the global market is still dominated by Samsung Electronics and Apple, which account for a combined 48.6 percent”. A reason for that is how they are using the products before everybody can get their hands on them. The other article explains how apple is dominating the US and Samsung is not being used as much. Reason behind that is because the US is linked with overseas countries and the competition is from cheap manufactorors. Basically, overseas people are used to having their product being made overseas such as china and Japan, which is saying their economies are links. The difference in each article is showing how each country is competing for the best product and to show how the US is concerned about their product not being sold and the focus is the domestic growth, where as the south Korean article sees their economies link to their neighbors.

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