Isra Al-Modallal Becomes Gaza's First Appointed Spokeswoman for the Conservative Community.

The articles that I am comparing discussed Gaza's first appointed spokeswoman in the conservative community, named Isra al-Modallal, a 23 year old mother and Palestinian activist from Pakistan. Ihab Ghussein who is the head of the government media department states that he hired Al-Modallal out of the many applicants who applied for the position. He wanted to show that woman are partners in the society and felt that Modallal would be the perfect candidate to aid in establishing a new government website that would use social media to conduct seminars and workshops in an effort to, 'be more open to the west." This is the latest step that Ghuessein has used to improve the image of the department Almodallal states, which was displayed in both articles, "that women in Gaza are finding their way into politics, medicine, education and media. "Every day, women's footsteps can be seen advancing more in society."

I think that the two sources both introduced the topic of the reading the same and the structure of how the articles were written where very similar and proportional to one another. The notion of frame was satisfied in both reading. Both articles made it a point to address how women involvement has contributed to the community as well as the government in Gaza. Because of this, I think that CBS and Aljazeera did a good job of establishing fairness and balance. They both used the same pictures and addressed the main key points of the article.

The only difference that I see in the two articles is that Aljazeera and CBS did not display the same goals that were expected of Isra al-Modallal for the position in which she was hired. The CBS article stated that she will speak primarily about Gaza government affairs: education and social programs or the Israeli blockade of the territory while the Aljazeera article stated she will work to improve communications with the international media. People can infer two different roles by these statements. However, I think that the articles seemed similar to one another. Because the Aljazeera article discusses the upcoming efforts to create more equal rights and opportunities for women in their country, and U.S is a country that focuses on the same issue, the two articles have the same point of view therefore they both have adequate balance and coverage.I would not trust one article over another because I feel that they both did a good job of introducing the topic, displaying information without bias, and executing the main points about Isra al-Modallal.

CBS Article

Aljazeera Article

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