NASA sends robotic explorer to Mars

ABC News along with Arab News both covered a story about the recent robotic explorer that was sent to Mars. Both articles discussed how Mars went from being warm and wet to the cold and dry planet it has become today. Right away I noticed that there was major differences between the articles and how the information was presented in each. In the ABC News article I found that it was clearly more detailed and expanded on exactly what NASA had done, and the plans for the future. On the other hand Arab News briefly said that NASA sent the robotic explorer to Mars but never really got into detail about the story. This article was almost as if it was something just featured in the paper. The ABS article made it seem like this was a major event for our country and a main priority. Both articles presented their facts in the same way, and had relatively the same information so I trusted both sources. On the other hand I would say that I did feel more comfortable reading the article presented by my own country. As previously described the Arab News did not go into detail with the article so in that case the fairness concept was not relevant and they were not covered in the same way.

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