The Huffington Post and The Iraqi News reports different takes on the series of attacks in Baghdad

According to a source from the Huffington post a series of attacks hit Shiite and many other areas in Baghdad. This source stated at least 24 people were killed and 87 injured in Iraq on Wednesday Due to car bombings and shootings. Sources believe bombing were done as a violent way to prevent Shiite government efforts to stabilize its country. The coverage from the Huffington post was very brief and included very general information. This source created an image that Baghdad has no control of their citizens and they are rebelling against them for it.  The US stays clear of its involvement only giving information of the heighten situation that many have been injured. On the other hand a source from Iraqi News reported it in fact was 47 death and 131 injured. These reports of death and injures are very different than what the US is reporting. The Iraqi source also stated exact locations were the bombings took place. The first explosion started in Sadriya and Tubachi and continued to move throughout the entire region of Baghdad. The Baghdad government has released strict security measures to adopt a new strategy in combating the Terrorist Qaeda Organization.

It is interested to see how the same incident can be reported in a series of ways. The question is whose story is the truth? In this situation I believe both stories have true parts, however Iraqi I believe Iraqi is withholding information to protect its government and not reveal weakness within its society. Iraqi government prioritized letting its citizens know the regions and increasing spread of this violence. Also they mentioned the government has taken full precautions of this incident. In the report from US it immediately exposes the weakness of the government not to concern of the citizens itself but the government’s faults. I like the version of the US better because it allows the reader to understand the background of the story and not just the current situations.

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