The Washington Post and Arab News report on security pact between US and Aghanistan

Both Arab News and The Washington Post have covered the pact made between the US and Afghanistan pertaining to how many US troops can remain in Afghanistan and for how long. Both articles were relatively fair and balanced, providing reliable political facts. As the pact had a positive impact on both parties, there is not much room for a different view to the issue. However, the Washington Post takes a more objective view while the Arab News article has some bias. Arab News credits this achievement and agreement to the president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, while the Washington Post focuses more on how the agreement was a joint effort between the two nations.

In the Arab News article, many spokespersons and students from Afghanistan were asked about their opinion on the pact. However in the Washington Post article, the experts are senior administrators in Washington. This provides two very different viewpoints from citizens of the two affected nations. Preference when it comes to these two articles simply depends on the reader. An Afghanistan citizen would be more likely to read Arab News while US citizens are more likely to read the Washington Post. Both are trustworthy sources.

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