To survive technology evolution we must adapt to a collective intelligence structure

Henry Jenkins’ main argument in this video is that the only way to stay current in this social evolution is to be able to communicate, collaborate, and work together within a group to solve, share, and create new ideas and resolutions. However, he carefully notes that we should not lose our individuality through this attempt, but simply contribute to the cause and provide our perspective and expertise where it can be beneficial.

I think I do agree somewhat that kids are beginning to acquire this.  They are young and impressionable. They have creative and empty minds and are definitely more willing to accept change. We have so many different social media sites that make the collaboration Jenkins describes possible. We have adapted to Twitter, Face book, and YouTube, which all allow us to share our ideas and projects with one another from far distances. Learning and becoming acquainted with services like Google doc also provides us with the capacity to form a sort of forum and communication hub.

I do think this will change the world and it already has. It is changing the way we learn as teachers are incorporating more group projects into the curriculum. I have even seen people get jobs through sharing their ideas through You Tube. Also, those who cannot make this transition with the world will unfortunately be left behind. By this I mean they will lack key information such as weather, news, and other updates as our technology continues to expand because our norms will be changing. Overall we all have the ability to “survive” this evolution. It is up to the individual whether they choose to keep up.

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