Virtuality to take over reality, says Philip Rosedale

Philip Rosedale's prediction of our evolving virtual reality can be summed up pretty easily: communication will exist in the virtual realm at an entirely larger scale than it does right now and reality is completely shifting into a virtual world.
Philip tells us of our virtual future; the work place will transform online and real world wonders will be virtualized. He takes historical Rome as an example and says that it will be recreated into a virtual realm, able to be accessed by any one at any time. Philip puts a lot of value into virtuality, more so it seems, than our actual reality. I can see why he would do so. Technology is changing our future and we are, as Philip says, evolving thanks to technology.

Soon enough, your doctor will be able to meet with you via webcam, completely eliminating real world meetings or receptionists. The online appointment allows you to bypass the traditional scheduling process and helps you solve small medical problems much more easily. As Philip predicts, some real world tasks will become obsolete, irrelevant and unnecessary. What I mentioned is a perfect example.

He also puts a lot of value in virtual worlds and wholeheartedly believes in their never ending expansion. Although I am a strong proponent of technology, I am a skeptic of its benefits. I have seen people become consumed with technology and I find no value in that affect. I think the transformation and evolution of society into a virtual reality is scary, to be honest. I am enjoying the transition, but am fearful of its affects. I wonder if in the future, humans will forget how to interact, only interacting through technological mediums. I have seen it through my job already as no one talks in person, only though our chat system. If I have to ask a question or am in need of a favor, I chat the person, I don't walk over to their desk. The first few weeks I was interning there the other employees found it odd that I would approach them.

I think that Rosedale's excitement for our virtual world is the view most people share, but for me, I'm afraid virtuality will make reality a thing of the past, and I'm not ready to move myself online.

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