Younger people are becoming more and more obsessed with technology, and it seems to be a trend that will not stop any time soon.

The video "Online, All the Time" takes the the viewer through the life of Greg, a 17 year old boy.  He is completely wired in to the internet.  Always on his phone or computer, every day, at all hours.  I think that this is the case with many young people today.  The majority of teens have cell phone or internet access, even both.  Between texting, iMessage, and Facebook, it is almost impossible to not be connected.  Our generation is  like this because, unlike older people, we grew up with the technology.  As it evolved, we learned how to use it.  It is easier for us to become accustomed to because we have never really lived without it.  As for 5 to 10 years from now, when we become older, I believe we will still be in tune with technology.  It just seems like something that we will always want to learn more about.  It won't be difficult to keep up, since we are already caught up; unlike our parents, who grew up without things like smartphones and Facebook.  In my opinion, it won't get "worse", because I do not see technology as a negative thing.  Sure, checking Facebook and messages every 5 seconds is a little ridiculous, but soon being connected will be the norm.  Everyone will have the ability to be connected if they want to, and I see no reason why someone would want to stay in "the dark ages" of no technology.

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