College students' perceptions of the uses of digital networks for education

To contribute on my chapter on digital networks, I plan to conduct street interviews with college students on campus to gauge their perception of the digital network sphere in regards to the academic experience. My questions will address their current knowledge of the capabilities of particular networks and what they personally think the value of these networks are in the future. In particular, I will ask students' opinions of the use of virtual networks for educational purposes and whether or not he/she thinks that it is an effective platform. I would also ask students' views on the future of educational networks becoming the primary form of teaching in college, such as in the case of blended-learning courses. My question will be along the lines of, "would you take a college class that was hosted on an entirely virtual platform? How do you think this would affect your learning- would it enhance it or disrupt it?" By obtaining this information from college students, we will have better insight on the target population that these networks serve to see what the value of these networks are. 

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