Digital Privacy: Online Threats to Privacy in a College Environment

Chapter 7 is all about digital privacy. For the most part, this chapter encompasses all of the aspects of privacy and clarifies the fact that the majority of our "private" information is really not as private as we think it is. The government has a ton of power when it comes to our technology as far as using our information for their own benefits without any repercussions. We as a society are under the impression that our phone calls, texts, emails, and cyber profiles are as private as we make them. In reality, the government has the ability to access all of this information without our consent. If the government has this ability then who else does? There are so many threats to our online privacy and it is extremely important that people get a better understanding of their information and how accessible it is to others. ("What do you think is the biggest threat to online privacy in a college environment?") My partner and I thought that this was a good question to ask for our video because it will be interesting to see how much people know about this privacy issue, especially considering it is their information on the line.

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