Near Field Communication Enables Users to Wirelessly Transfer Data from One Device to Another

Near field communication (NFC) allows for the sharing of data between two devices possible through the formation of a radio-wave field by one device that the target (another device) can detect and access over a distance of about 4 inches max. NFC is built upon Radio-frequency identification, which can only go one way.

An example of RFID is EZ-Pass where the EZ-Pass transmits a signal to the receiver.  However, NFC allows devices to be able to send and receive data.  NFC exists in some smartphones now, such as the Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy S3 came out with the ability to pass data between two devices just by touching the phones together.

NFC is also starting to be seen in some stores where customers can just tap their credit card on a NFC-enabled payment machine and the payment will go through ( . The video that we watched about the "corning glass" would use this NFC technology where a mobile device can be placed on the kitchen counter, and the data could be viewed on the countertop. However, for the "corning glass" technology to be possible like it was in the video, NFC has to be modified to allow data transmission to occur over a further distance than it is now.

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