"On The Street" Interviews About Addiction To Cellular Devices

I am currently working on Chapter 3, Our Digital Nation within the United States. Digital media is evidently a part of everyday society in America.  It has a specific meaning to our nation that is different than other nations and this affects the way in which we interact with it differently than other nations.  My “on the street” interview will be formed around the reliance of digital media within our nation, and why we cannot seem to go a day without using some type of technology or social media.  My main question will be “Why do you think society has become so addicted to our cellular devices?” Out of all the digital media, smart phones are the most accessible, and a large amount of the nations population owns some type of cellular device.  We take our phones everywhere with us: the mall, our beds, and even the bathroom.  What made society so addicted to this little piece of technology we call a phone?

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