Our choices and preferences effect the media that we consume.

My chapter is Chapter 8 on digital ethics, and I will focus on the section of my chapter that is on how we as consumers want speed over accuracy. To get a general opinion on what the average college student wants, I will conduct in the street interviews. My question will be, "What do you prefer from your news source, fast, up to date media, or accurately reported yet slow media?" I want to ask the general public this because I want to portray in my iBooks chapter that the general consensus is speedy news. This would be the reason why so many people use social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook for blurbs of news that may not necessarily be accurate/ethical in its reporting.  As digital media consumers, we have made the decision for speed and this is what we receive from the news outlets. This is why I think this question will be pertinent to my chapter.

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