Street Interview Asking Whether Technology has Strengthened or Weakened Young Peoples' Romantic Relationships

Chapter 6, Our Digital Youth, focuses on how technology and digital data has affected younger generations. Today, most young people use digital data to form or maintain contacts and friendships. Also, many teens and young adults form romantic relationships. Some do so through online dating. Young people also use social networking sites like Facebook and Skype to maintain relationships. Texting can often become the number one form of communication between couples. However, many people say the overuse of technology has made relationships weaker, as face-to-face conversations are less valued. I want to ask this question to college-aged students because I want to know whether or not people see technology as a bridge or a boundary when it comes to forming lasting romantic relationships. I will ask this question as well as asking why students feel the way that they do so it can be discovered whether the youth that use technology really believe in its power when it comes to relationships. 

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