Street Interview Explain Why College Students Believe The Internet Has Promoted Bullying

Chapter 6 focuses on the role of technology in the lives of today's youth. In my research of digital technology and today's youth, I found that technology has led its young users to capitalize on bullying opportunities. With this new avenue, cyber bullying and an increase in racist and sexist comments have flooded the internet. In my Asking People on the Street Challenge, I intend on asking people, "Why do you think more people defame, or verbally attack a person on the internet rather than in person?" I would like to ask this question to gain insight into the public's knowledge of why bullying, racism, and sexism have become such big issues in the news. These are social issues that are constantly being brought up in a court of law, in tabloids, and in the headlines. These issues have become a part of our culture and I would like to know why the public thinks this is so. 

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