Street Interview trying to figure out why, even with a law banning it, student drivers continue to text and drive.

My section of Chapter 6, “Our Digital Youth”, focuses on the safeties and dangers of technology to youth, specifically the use of technology while driving. Because of the rise in accidents due to texting while driving, many states have placed laws banning the act. Unfortunately, many people still continue to text and drive and use other technologies while driving, risking their lives. The question I want to ask is, “Even though you know that texting and driving can cause accidents, why do you think drivers still do it?” I want to ask this question to college students because I know for a fact that some college students on campus text and drive (or used to text and drive). I would like to know their rationale/reason for texting and driving, being fully aware of the consequences. Knowing their reasoning will help me to further examine the situation and write a better and more detailed section on the dangers of technology.

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