Street Interview About User Awareness of Settings on Social Networking Sites: What Do College Students Think?

A large portion of Our Digital Privacy (Chapter 7) focuses on user awareness of their settings on Social Networking Sites (SNS). One of the things discussed in this section is the differences between perceived settings and actual settings, so I want to see how this matches up with college students. I plan to go around the University of Maryland, College Park campus and tell random students about the statistics then ask them the following questions: ""Are you and/or most of your friends aware of your privacy settings on the internet?" as well as "Why do you think there is such a discrepancy between perceived and actual settings?" I would like to ask these questions because I think they will provide strong feedback on the issue and its relevance in a college setting. From these questions, I hope to find insight toward how the statistics match up on our campus as well as why it is thought that there are differences in what settings are versus what people think they are. In turn, I will be helping raise awareness about privacy settings and how people, especially college students, should be aware of them.

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