Uncovering the Ethics used online at College Park and bringing about Awareness to the Digital Code of Ethics on College Campus'.

In my section of chapter 8 the main ideas revolve around the importance of ethics, specifically in journalism, and its ever changing ways due to today’s technological advancements.  There are a number of questions I will ask the college students here at College Park in regard to these ethics in order to see what ethics are being used, if any at all.  A few questions will include, ‘Is there any form of ethics being followed by this age group?’  Also, ‘What ethics (if any) do you use when using online forums?’ Furthermore, how do you feel about today’s advancing technology and the ethics of the internet… are they keeping up or not?’  And lastly, ‘do you feel that if everyone online was held to a certain code of ethics that they would be more respectful in the forum’s they are involved in?’   
This will uncover what ethics are being used/followed.  It will also help decipher whether more or less awareness about such ethics needs to take place.  Getting a college students opinion will prove most helpful because of the amount of time they spend online (for both school and personal reasons). It seems they would be the best population to interview.    

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