Can Having the Right Instructor Make Technology a Positive Tool in the Classroom?

The exponential advancement of technology and its capabilities has sparked a debate within our society. Can using technology, like laptops and tablets, within the classroom improve a student's performance and cognitive ability? Or does the presence of these devices hinder a student's ability to learn and expand their knowledge without distractions? Sadly, there is no clearcut response to these questions. But, I believe technology in the classroom can be a wonderful thing, and here's why. Tablets and laptops put the world at the fingertips of students. Yes, this is scary in the eyes of many professors, but if the instructor is well adapted to these devices than he/she can take advantage of useful learning tools. The professor is everything. If one has no knowledge regarding how to operate a device, than of course his students will linger and scroll through various sites and worlds on their screens. To that end, if the instructor is proficient with technology, than he will be capable of enhancing the good devices can be used for while also keeping his students on track. I think this article supports this claim. Of course some students will continue to stray off track if they use technology, but these students have always existed in every classroom even when devices were not present.

This story highlights how many students, and my professor, view devices as helpful as well.

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