Contradictory to popular belief, use of technology in the classrooms may not actually increase test scores

All over the country, teachers and professors are implementing the use of iPads and laptops in their classroom in order to enhance their students learning. Though it seems as though this additional technology would help students learn and increase the amount of information readily available, unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. According to a study where one third of a class was given iPad 2s and one third of the class solely used hardcover textbooks (one third of the class didn’t participate), at the end of the semester, both groups had almost the exact same average test scores.  This shows that even with the excessive amount of technology available, students can still learn just as well without it.  With this being said though, most of the students using the iPad gave very positive feedback. According to interviews with many of the students, the results suggested that “iPads are quick useful, portable, and easy to interact with, and college students seem to be very interested in using them.” Though the use of technology may not change the actual test scores of the students, overall the students generally liked to use them. They felt as though the iPads truly enhanced their learning, which may be a reason in itself to begin to implement technology into the classroom.

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