Forgo Your Laptop and Grab a Pen and Paper Because Writing Notes is More Effective for Classroom Learning

Typing notes versus writing notes has proven detrimental to long term comprehension of concepts learned in class. Although students may be using their laptops solely for note taking, rather than for distractions, such as social media or online shopping, the use of pen and paper still contributes to better learning and memorization. In theory, typing notes is much easier. You have the ability to write lengthier, copious notes. Yet, that is the problem. These extensive notes are the lecture verbatim, rather than the student's own words. Therefore, the student lacks knowledge of the material and fails to understand the lecture. Contrary to the typists, the longhand note takers, while engaged in the class lecture, select only important information and write concise notes. This in itself enables an efficient study method. Several studies have been conducted, like this one by Pam A. Muller and Daniel M. Oppenheimer. The study suggests that longhand notes contribute to improved learning because of a relationship between our hands and our brain. This unique relationship enables us to learn and memorize information as we write notes in our own words. So if you wish to gain knowledge during a class lecture, take longhand notes!

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