Laptops Have a Negative Effect in the University Distracting Students from Fully Engaging in Classrooms

The use of laptops are prominent in each university classrooms among students. Although the use of laptops possesses many qualities that enhances the ability to increase a student's education, it surprisingly distracts majority of students from reaching their potential. In Glass's article"Laptops may be the ultimate classroom distraction,"she mentions the many occurrences of students browsing the Internet during lecture such as  online shopping instead of paying attention to what the professor has to say. The other day as I was sitting through lecture, almost half of the students who were sitting in front of me were either watching videos, browsing online stores, or writing homework assignments for other classes.

 It is needless to say that laptops are a distraction when it comes to a learning environment. Many times students are focus more of their attention on what is on screen instead of the words that are coming out of the Professor. A study has been organized by a University of Colorado college professor who observes that "a class averaged 11% worse on tests" in comparison to students who take notes without a laptop, using pen and paper. Although the laptop provides a quicker way to take notes, it actually hinders students from actively participating in class discussions. This distraction may be because of the attention we place on our screens even if we do not have any web access. Students are not fully present in discussions when a laptop is in front of them. From Glass's perspective, she notes her memorable experience of class stating  that she enjoyed the classes that banned the use of laptops. The ban of laptops in the class is what allows Glass to keep in contact with her professors and made her experiences in the classroom memorable. Likewise, I would like to see the classroom environment without the use of laptops and see students fully present in discussions.

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