Laptops in class shown to make students more engaged through a new interactive system

   Since technology has become increasingly popular and more prominent in our society, teachers and professors are constantly trying to eliminate technology in the classroom in order for students to pay more attention in class. But thanks to professor Perry Samson at the University of Michigan, using laptops in class has made students more attentive and interacted in the lecture. That's because he created an interactive student response system called LectureTools. It deliberately engages students in the lecture by allowing them to write notes on lecture slides, engage in class polls, and ask anonymous questions to the professor in which the whole class can see the question and answer. Students can also rate their understanding of each slide. Although students have admitted to wandering off to other sites occasionally, ultimately students are more engaged in the lecture.
    I believe this information to valid because I know from experience that a class where the professor is just talking the entire time can completely disengage me from the lecture. However, if I am engaged in what is going on, I am more likely to pay attention. Also, a lot of people are afraid to ask a "dumb question", therefore the anonymous question posting good feedback for the professor. Also, according to the study, 78% of people agreed that laptops in class made them more engaged. Contrary to popular belief, the numbers show that technology in class can do more good than bad. …

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