New technology that allows for personalized advertisements on smart TV's, could also be detrimental to what you see and what you don't

In an article by, new technology has been developed by the personalized advertising group Eyeview that allows for personalized ads for smart TV's. The benefit of this personalization is that the ad can show you where the closest store of interest is and even show you deals that are only available in your area. I think this is a very good idea because half of the advertisements on TV are irrelevant to college students like myself and if they were personalized it would give me more of an incentive to pay attention to them. The article also stated that if you didn't have a smart TV, that the company would still know the relevant location of where you are and basic demographic information, which would be appealing to much more people because the smart TV industry is not as big.

Even though this personalization of your TV sounds very appealing, personalization may be destroying the internet. According to, personalization is catering too much to our personal needs, hiding important world news from us. They suggest that the internet is trying too hard to "guess" what we want to see on the front page, minimizing the horizon on what we see. An example they used is, if you clicked on one picture of Kim Kardashian, your Yahoo homepage would be filled with articles and tabloids about the famous celebrity. I think this is a negative aspect of personalization because the front page of the news is suppose to be about important worldly news, not information about gardening and celebrities.

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