Personalization viewed as a necessity to online consumers, regardless of potential exposure of private information

The first article I read mentions how personalization is so helpful to consumers that it is no longer seen as an optional ‘luxury’. Personalization has become normalized and is an expectation from most online consumers when shopping via the internet. Some benefits of personalization mentioned are when the article states, “Netflix automates your movie recommendations, Amazon suggests products based on your viewing history, and Facebook delivers personalized news feeds that correspond to your tastes, preferences and behavior.” The benefits mentioned help online consumers spend less time sorting through unwanted items on webpages they visit and gives them the opportunity to control whether they like suggestions given by the webpages.The second article I read focuses on how personalization may not be as great of an option. The article discusses the question of whether sharing our personal information with online webpages is worth the personalization they give us on their webpages. In a study conducted, forty-nine percent of consumers surveyed said after knowing the brands were tracking them they would still want the personalization in return. However, a solution to the problem of sharing confidential information is that the consumer chooses the amount of information they want to share.

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