Should teachers decide fate of students' technology use in the classroom? Or should that decision be left to those it's effecting?

Many teachers place a ban on technology in the classroom because of the constant distraction it can be to the student, but laptops and other such technologies can be of aid to students.  Trying to keep up in lecture with notes and discussion is a lot of times much easier for students with the help of computers.  Being able to type the notes rather than writing them keeps them organized and all in one space for referring back to.  Aside from the organization factor, it is also seemingly cheaper for many students to have reading material online and being able to then interact with it that way, rather than having to buy printed versions.  Additionally, during lectures technology can be of use by being able to refer to outside sources and those assigned.  Although, yes it is understandable that professors want their students to pay attention and really learn the material being taught, and of course the use of technology in the classroom can hinder that, the decision should be left with the students.  Technology shouldn't be banned indefinitely because of those who don't use it responsibly when there are those who really use it to aid their study habits. 

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