Technology in the classroom isn't being used to properly shape children's identity and worldview.

In the Forbes article “You Are Asking the Wrong Questions About Technology,” Jordan Shapiro points out the problems associated with integrating digital technologies into the classroom—namely, that doing so just for the sake of having new technologies completely undermines their effectiveness in reaching out to students. He insists that education is not and should not be industrial and product-oriented. He claims that our current system of education teaches children “to value achievement measured by grade points,” a problematic worldview to nurture in the institution most crucial to “contextualize [students’] personal and collective identity.” As our identities themselves are being shown to shape our acceptance of digital technologies, and vice versa, their role in the classroom definitely needs to be evaluated. From there, they can be properly integrated and deliberately “aligned with learning outcomes,” such as the development of metacognitive skills that would guide children to think explicitly about their identities in relation to evolving technologies and the greater network of which they are a part.

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