The achievement gap is becoming larger between affluent and poverty children due to technology.

Technology is known to increasingly make life more easier and more faster. Although current studies on technology shows that in the education realm, technology is not helping bridge all students together on the same level. Rather then leveling the field in achievement gaps between affluent and poverty, Technology is making it larger. A study by Neuman and Celanano found in article illustrated that by introducing all poverty and affluent kids to computers for school. Although every child had an computer, not every child was able to work it.

The study showed the affluent kids being more proficient with the computers because they were raised around having technology. Poverty kids are not usually surrounded around technology until introduced to it through school at an older age. This starting point between kids is what is making it harder to bring the achievement gap.

I believe this information is valid because I have some credit of being able to testify I am advanced when working with technology because I was introduced to it at an earlier age. I was required in high school to have an laptop unlike other peers of mine, now in college. I have witness some of my peers not knowing how to work programs such as excel, prezi, etc.

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