Though laptops have proven to be distracting in class, 'LectureTools' reduces side-tracking and boosts classroom engagement

In this article discussing the prominent distraction that laptops provide for college students, one referenced student was caught texting only a mere 17 minutes into her first day of law school. Even more surprising than that, 58% of the observed college upperclassmen used laptops for off-topic reasons during more than half of class, while 87% did for at least five minutes! University of Michigan professor, Perry Samson, has created an “interactive student response system” that gives students the opportunity to use their laptops in class while also engaging with other students and staying focused. LectureTools allows students to take notes, submit questions and provide feedback regarding every individual slide of any lecture at any time. Over half of the observed students asked a question throughout the semester, which was a notably larger percentage than in any of Samson’s classes that aren’t yet accustomed to LectureTools. Who would have thought such a basic concept could improve so many aspects of collegiate learning?

(based off @info_Katie11's article)

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