The UK Energy Consumption Guide is a great interactive site that reveals the total primary energy consumption in the UK from years 1970 to 2010.  On this site, users are able to click and control what information they want to see. So for example, a user can click the year of 2010 and then click the electricity button to see the percentage of consumption of electricity in the year 2010. 

This study proves the interactivity principle, which says that people understand multimedia better when they can control the presentation.  Because users can click the year and the energy consumption related to the time, click which pie charts they want to see, and more, they are able to have control over the information provided.  This ultimately helps better learning and understanding because the interactivity principle reduces cognitive load.

The set up and visuals of the site are also contiguous with the information that is provided.  The percentages of energy consumption are put inside the tree, and the tree represents a source of energy so there is a valid connection. 

The design of the site is very simple and easy to understand for any user, which is also a way the site is a great interactive example.  All it takes is a click or a hovering of one's mouse in order to see the information wanted.  The graphs and charts are all also very neat neat and simple, revealing the most important information at one glance.  

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