Analysis of Interactive Content Tweeted by Irvin38

The site that has been brought to my attention today is Bienville Capital, a Capital management consultation firm.

The homepage is a simple and clean splash page/welcome page with a simple video of the streets of New York.  The whole site seems to be written in HTML5 and CSS3, which means that the site is very modern, fluid and adaptive. The transitions from page to page are animated and dynamic, without the need for something like flash player slowing down the computer.
The adaptive design is great because you can even use the site on mobile devices if you so wish. It is the same website, but it simply resizes to your phone without sending you to a dedicated mobile site.

Content Interactivity
Site scales on mobile
without redirecting you to a
different site
The website is used as a portfolio for the company's research. You can go to the themes page and learn more from their research. In terms of interactivity, there is not much to talk about. The website is very enjoyable to read and use, but while the website is animated and fluid, the actually content is static. They have good pretexts for each it, but they aren't too explanatory. 

All the site will do is link to external articles and PDFs related to the content of the theme and/or their own research. All of that is static text, and does not allow for much interactivity. It is well made site with good content and information, but there no interactivity. This site gets away with it because it is not designed to be an interactive medium, but a portfolio to show off themselves to potential clients.

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