Analysis of Tweet by: Alyssa29

Finding balanced news now a days is a fairly difficult task to do, with the many opinions swirling around tainting balanced news with bias. However when I read the article about the "3 Denver girls played hooky from school and tried to join ISIS", I was taken aback because this story was presented in the most balanced way. At first I thought it was biased and unbalanced because it was only presenting the parents side of the story and not the three girls side of the story. However as you keep reading we start to get a more balanced view of the story because it describes why the girls would be interested in leaving the country and becoming Isis activists. Overall I thought this was a balanced presentation of news, because it fairly stated the parent’s point of view on the events that happened as well as why the girls would attempt this escape. I thought another reason why this was a balanced presentation of news because it had many experts weigh in on this topic making the information they presented balanced. I also thought what was very useful in this article being balanced was the section in the article about how ISIS targets people in the “west” or North America. This helped in making it balanced because it helped the general population, who would be in North America, reading this article understand why the girls would run away. By using the parents account of what happened with the girls running away as well as supporting it with information of why they would want to do such an act, makes this article an example of balanced news.

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