Analysis of Tweet by Alyssa18

Looking at the article regarding House Speaker John Boehner, I feel that the coverage is fairly balanced. Although the main focus of the article is on the words of Boehner, a Republican, the article still points out flaws in his points, specifically regarding George W. Bush. Boehner claims that Putin would never have invaded Crimea if Bush was still President, accusing the Obama administration of having weak leadership. However, the article points out that in 2008 Russia invaded another country during Bush’s presidency. Putin ordered the invasion of another former member of the Soviet Union, the Republic of Georgia. The author of the article goes in even further in stating that Bush was criticized for not responding more forcefully. Balance requires that both sides in the article are presented equally. If this article wanted to take a side, it may have omitted the section regarding the flaws in Boehner’s statements; however, it did not. Rather, the author made it a point to make it very clear to readers that there were issues with what Boehner said. However, I do agree that the article could be even more balanced if the author included a section regarding a rebuttal from the Democratic side regarding these statements by Boehner rather than just focusing on his words. However, the revealing of the flaws in his words still suffices to make this article balanced.

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