After examining his two tweets, I chose his most recent tweet about "" to look at.  At first, I did not understand his headline, as it was not explanatory enough.  After clicking the link, I was very confused when I visited the webpage.  There were pictures of different modes of transportation vehicles everywhere and some were labeled in different languages. From what I can understand, this site is used for selling and buying unique gadgets and vehicles for recreational use. I would say that this website should redesign their homepage in order for first time users to retain information in the right direction rather than have jumbled information all over.

This site has a lot of information, so the viewer may have issues with focusing on one at a time.  The interactive content on this site is poor because there is nothing user friendly about it at all.  There are many different languages on the site initially which confuses readers because there are few people who are multi-lingual and who would understand everything written on the site.  This web site is a poor example of an interactive site because of its’ unattractive homepage and failure to keep their content neat and organized. If I were to redesign this site I would organize the products by type, and space out the products rather than having them all right next to each other.

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