The Capitol Site is an interactive website for The Hunger Games fanatics that provides information and extra features relating to the entire movie series.  This is an example of a site with excellent interactive content because it engages the viewer with many visuals and a smooth user-friendly experience.  This site has a lot of information that the viewer can easily access without any issues and in a more enjoyable way than a normal website.  Navigation through this interactive content is easy to understand and view because it is displayed simply, clean, and without any confusing clutter.

The interactive content in this site can attract people to its features and keep their attention.  The site also has parts that allow the viewers to contribute and be a part of the interactive content by giving them the option to submit their opinions on any matters that they feel must be heard.  Interactivity is crucial in attracting viewers and ensuring that those viewers return back to the site, and The Capitol Site accomplishes this task. 

The Capitol Site is an outstanding example of an interactive site because it attracts and engages viewers through user-friendly features and allows the viewer to participate directly.  It is a successful interactive website because it’s wide range of simple, attractive features helps the viewers better navigate, understand, retain the information in a more enjoyable way.

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