Analysis of Interactive Content Tweeted by Olivia37

Olivia37 provided a great example of interactivity, through her tweet that announces, "Pinterest is a blog created specifically for you. When you click on things you like they will appear on your newsfeed." While I think this headline could be a little more explanatory, the interactivity of Pinterest caught my attention, as I am a frequent user of the site.

Pinterest is a website full of ideas for handmade crafts, goods, gifts, food, drinks, and other activities. When users first sign up, they are provided with an array of various topics, and they can select which topics they are interested in, such as travel and nail polish designs, and avoid topics they do not enjoy, like sports or gardening. The topics are very specific. For example, there is an entire network for tattoo designs. This allows users to have access to customization.

Recently, Pinterest has incorporated social media aspects such as "sharing" and "searching" into Pinterest in order to make it even more customizable for users. The combination of a search bar and social media sharing on the site, allows the user to search for their own specific interest, and view the interests of others. Pinterest even titled this change, a "profile makeover," indicating that it will allow users to customize their page, and Pinterest will personalize users' search results in return. This makeover increased interactivity, with 11 million users logging on per month, according to Digital Trends

Not only does the site allow users to view interests, but it boosts the economy by allowing users to customize their page by selecting craft ideas inspired by their favorite stores. Currently, and are dominating Pinterest with their clothing, craft, home, and decorating suggestions. Therefore, Pinterest not only gives users control of their page, but it gives businesses an outlet for growth. Could Pinterest become the next big search engine?

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