Analysis Of Interactive Content tweeted By Info_Michael44

After looking at his one tweet about Machester United it was a very interactive content because in the article there were pictures,  comments, other news feed links provided and also two video links  showing player interviews.

In the article it talks about how Manchester United soccer team has more homegrown players than places such as Arsenal , Chelsea , Manchester City and Liver Pool . Also in the article, it names the top British players that play with Manchester and also it has video interviews with players that are signing with Manchester United or just doing and question and answer for fans . Since this is such a interactive content viewers and readers can do more than they can do just by looking at a news paper , they can look a videos , comment their opinion and even look at pictures. Also this link allows you to retweet this article and post it on Facebook and other blog posts . One negative aspect of this article is that readers and viewers might get overwhelmed with advertisements.

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