Analysis of Tweet by Micha28

Examining the news article of President Obama regarding the issue of the spead of Ebola in the United States is very well balanced. Balance in news means to present both sides of the issue equally. The issues presented in this news story were whether to try to get to the issue of Ebola by going to the source, or by laying low by not sending help. President Obama puts good emphasis on the fact that protecting Americans is his number one priority. He states that he thinks the best way to protect American citizens is by going to the source to stop the disease. Other people think that we are endangering America by sending our doctors over to West Africa, where the disease is, in order to help stop the outbreak. People are concerned that when the doctors return to America then they will bring the virus back over with them.

The author of this article did a very good job of being balanced and stating facts of the issues instead of being bias. He did not lean more one direction than the other, rather staying mutual throughout the article. He presented the opinions of each of the sides and effectively explained in detail the reasons behind each idea, and how they could be solved. Although I think the content is enough to be balanced, I think that he could of made it more balanced by putting a section about the governors of New York opinion on the matter. He still supported the opinion of both sides equally which made it balanced.

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