The article, "Fox News Poll: Race for Congress tightens, confidence in Obama low" discusses statistics of Republican, Democratic, and independent voters on issues of who currently supports Obama, support for Congress members, and federal policy issues such as the economy, unemployment, and homeland security.
The beginning of the article is about declining support for Obama. The statistics in the article include: percent that lack confidence in Obama, percent that say they are losing confidence, and percent that say they never had confidence in Obama. There is more of a focus on Obama's reviews going down and no information on any supporters he may be gaining or that he may have had from the start. The statistics show an unbalanced coverage of data of the public opinion of Obama. The following sections of the article are similar in their coverage. In discussing congressional voting and policy issues, the article is swayed to show an overwhelming disapproval from voters for the Democratic party and more support for the Republican party.
In addition, the article is structurally unbalanced. Some paragraphs are only one sentence, of a statistic. And the overflow of data from all the statistics used in the article is confusing for any reader. There is not much flow when some parts of the article are just one statistic after another. Also, at one point the article moves from full sentences to listing poll results on the attitudes of voters.
Overall, from the structure to the content, this article is an example of an unbalanced news story. From biased coverage and structure that is hard to follow, the article is unbalanced to a reader looking for information on public opinion of the government.

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