Analysis of Tweet by Brad31

This story about Snooki and her baby that Brad tweeted about is newsworthy, albeit not very interesting or useful. The story was posted on Yahoo! Celebrity, so the source was not would not be somewhere a consumer would browse looking for world news, and is not surprising for this story. While most people would probably think that this story is not really news, I don't think I agree with that statement.

While the story isn't describing the newest information about ISIS or Ebola, this doesn't mean that it isn't news. This particular story is about the first public photograph of Snooki and her newly born child. News is defined as information "about an event that affects the public in some way, or at least has some element of public interest." While this photograph and story has close to no effect of society, that does not automatically mean that it is not of public interest. There are many people who are Snooki fans from her TV shows and other endeavors. 

Celebrity news is news whether it is important in life or not. So although definitely not important in everyday life, or in most people's lives at all, Snooki and her baby clearly have a big enough following for a site like Yahoo! to post a story about her. Therefore, this story falls under the category of public interest and should be considered news.

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