Analysis of Tweet by Hannah32

Any bias or preference aside, CNN is considered by many to be a trustworthy source of breaking news. So it might seem strange that the site featured a story about the breakup of 'Bachelor' couple Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell. Reality TV probably doesn't resonate with many people as "breaking news," but in this case I can understand why CNN found the split newsworthy. 

As Galavis' season drew to a close, his popularity substantially declined. He's infamous for refusing to tell Ferrell, the women he chose to win the season (but did not propose to) that he loved her, only that he "liked" her. The show had a large viewership and made headlines with its unconventional end to the season, so by definition, there is an audience that would find this breakup to be an important piece of news. I do agree though that this story is not something that would have a significant impact on the day-to-day, personal lives of readers. I think that the story could have taken a more “newsworthy” approach if it was framed around the idea that ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ is meant to help young, attractive singles find love, when in reality, not many couples on the show have long-lasting relationships. If the story was about the dating competition’s failure to create lasting love and why, then perhaps the story would have been more than just another celebrity entertainment piece about the latest Hollywood breakup.

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