Analysis of Tweet by Kabrea27

The article "Wi-Fi hot spot named after terror group delays LAX flight" in my opinion was balanced written article. In this article the first thing talked about was that an international flight out of LAX was delayed because a passenger on the plane was trying to connect to the plane's Wi-Fi when he noticed that one of the other options for Wi-Fi was named "Al-Quida Free Terror Nettwork." 

When the passenger noticed this he alerted the crew of the flight and the flight was delayed for three hours while they checked the plane. After the crew found nothing they were cleared for take off, but because of what had happened with the Wi-Fi name, the crew did not want to fly that Sunday and the flight was pushed back a day. I think that this was a well balanced article because the author didn't have any bias towards the terror group and just focused on what they had to write about. 

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