Analysis of Tweet By Lauren19

Lauren's tweet, "Balanced coverage of Boston Marathon’s bombing, suspects friend who lied during the FBI investigation due to drug use," is a very explanatory tweet. It gives the reader descriptive information and includes the main details that were included in the article. I agree with Lauren when she says that this article included balanced coverage. Throughout the article, “Bombing suspect’s friend convicted of lying to FBI” by Denise Lavoie, the words used were fair and covered the most important parts of the story. The story consisted of no bias and included information from both sides. Fore the most part, the article followed the Inverted (bottom to top) pyramid, by putting the most important and detailed information at the top and the background information towards the end.

Although, the Boston Marathon happened in 2013, this is still considered an event that happened recently. This is also new information that has just been found out about the bombing. Since this is the case, I consider this relevant news. Others may not agree with me just for the fact that it has happened at least a year ago and some people may have forgotten about it. But for the people who were directly affected by this event, this is current information that they would like to stay updated on. This situation also brings up the question, “have others lied during an investigation due to drug use”?

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