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"Unbalanced coverage of republicans predictions for victory of representing the house "
I think this coverage is unbalanced but if you dissect the article you can pull out key points and information that support 
Fox's claim. I decided to pull out a visual from the Washington Post to help better explain what the article is trying unveil.  This article is definitely newsworthy due to its timeliness with the upcoming elections.

Republicans and Democrats don't have a positive campaign for voters, however the Democrats are at a disadvantage because of the "presidential drag." The negative energy towards Obama is a powerful force across the whole nation and Republicans have a "99 percent chance" of keeping their majority in the House and will likely gain eight new seats which would bring their majority up to 242. 
This map shows the predicted House elections in 2014 from the Washington Post.

This table from The Rothenburg Political Report show how many seats are solidified in the house. It also shows that 28 seats are available for grabs on the democratic sides while only 14 seats are available on the Republican side. Lastly the table shows what seats could either be Republican or Democratic.

Republicans are pushing to create a 245-seat majority, which hasn't been seen since the Truman administration. According to The Rothenburg Political Report democrats need to gain 17 new House seats to win back the majority but lately it has been predicted that Republicans will pick up 8-10 House seats. Unbalanced coverage of republicans predictions for victory of representing the house.

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